Tyler Wic Neal

Charlotte Symphony Orchestra

Since this project was for a themed concert, I wanted to make sure that the poster was not only visually beautiful, but was a reflection of the music that was to be played at the show. 

I collected images from magazines that fell within the blue color scheme. I cut them into random sized strips. Then I started glueing them to a board to create the background image. I worked in a circular motion starting with dark blues and blacks. The closer to the center of the composition, the brighter the pieces became. The end result felt like an ocean. I had created a sea of blue. and then it was time to break it up with the pink.

Once I was done with the collage, (and it dried) I did a high resolution scan of the image I had created. I then added the type and logos. Continuing with my interpritation of the theme, I used a masking layer to break up the text on the poster. 

Because my design was chosen, I then had to translate the look and feel of the poster into the show’s program. I used the same type treatments and imaging through out the book to give the whole event a nice cohesive feel.

Overall, this project was one of my favorites because I was able to use a mix of digital skill and hand crafted work to create an elegant solution for the clients.